Manufacturer of luxurious buses and coaches for long-distance and urban transport

King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 in Xiamen. It specializes in the production and sales of bus and minivans. King Long has been applying its own innovative technology to its products, benefiting from an in-house Research and Development Program, technical and testing center, government-approved testing institution, and capability of over 600 automotive engineers. The company has three manufacturing bases: Xiamen Bus & Coach Manufacturing Base, Xiamen Mini Van Manufacturing Base, and Shaoxing City Bus Manufacturing Base. These three bases produce 25,000 buses and 30,000 minivans combined.

Since its formation, the company has experienced 34% average annual increase in sales, with total production amounting to more than 250,000 vehicles. In 2013, King Long (excluding subsidiaries) sold 32,824 buses and coaches of different types, with sales exceeding RMB 9 billion (= nearly CZK 34 billion, including CZK 8 billion in foreign sales). In 2011, the value of the King Long brand exceeded RMB 10 billion (i.e. CZK 37.7 bn.) and became one of the “Top 100 most valuable Chinese brands”.

Internationally, the King Long brand is widely respected by users on five continents. Moreover, King Long is first Chinese manufacturer operating within the EU market to receive the Busworld award (five times in a row) and BAAV (Bus Builder) award, thereby setting the global tone in the area of bus and coach production.


1990 First generation of upper-middle class buses introduced in China

1994 First luxurious coach (XMQ6120) introduced

1995 First generation of state-of-the-art city buses introduced in China, with annual sales exceeding RMB 100 million

1998 First subsidiary is established

1999 Annual sales exceed RMB 1 billion; second division is established (Shaoxing)

2000 King Long sold its bus no. 10,000 – the company is classified as one of the models of the National Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

2003 First BAAV award and King Long becomes the “Chinese national brand”

2005 Company receives certification necessary to enter the European market; first Busworld award

2006 Vehicle no. 100,000 rolls of the lines and King Long receives prestigious Chinese title “Famous brand of the industry”

2007 Masterpiece of passenger transport introduced (XMQ6129Y), winning the BAAV “Bus of the Year” award

2010 With exports to 12 EU countries, King Long becomes the most influential Chinese bus and coach brand in developed countries

2011 Value of the King Long brand amounts to RMB 10 billion (i.e. CZK 37.7 bn.) and the brand becomes one of the “Top 100 most valuable Chinese brands”.

2012 Operation of the most advanced testing center for energy savings and safety in China starts, including patents of the company’s own technology

2013 Company enters the South American market by exporting first 329 vehicles


The R&D program is the key to success, starting with an extensive research targeting users, products, markets, and development. The first step of the King Long’s business activities is to understand the users’ needs and teach them to form demand. Therefore, the company has constantly been seeking improvement proposals – through various surveys with carriers, in repair centers, fueling stations, etc. Moreover, the company also uses questionnaires with customers, passengers, factory visitors. Using all these inputs, the company drafts new development plan for products intended for different target markets.

The product planning team visits the Busworld in Europe each year, literally “sucking in” the latest trends of the industry developments, thereby being able to anticipate medium-term and long-term requirements of target markets. Rigorous scientific planning then guarantees that each model reflects the current needs of customers and is a global leader in technology.

Furthermore, King Long has been planning special products for specific target markets in recent years, including BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) vehicles for Iran, school buses with stainless steel body for Australia, buses with aluminum body for Singapore, standard low-floor buses that comply with the Euro 5 emissions standard for Malta, suburban buses for domestic and international travel or intelligent school buses for homeschooling programs.


ECO Technology: Eco-friendly technology in manufacturing

ECO Structure: Use the lightest materials available

ECO Shape: Analytic technology for the best aerodynamics

ECO hybrid: Hybrid buses

ECO Zero Emissions: Full electric buses

ECO Ride: Effective driving system with a navigation system

ECO Solar: Intelligent solar ventilation system

ECO Powertrain: Optimized performance through engine compartment airflow management via intelligent thermostats

New passive and active safety technology


During the last ten years, King Long has exported over 40,000 vehicles, currently operating in more than 100 countries worldwide.

It has representative offices in 18 EU Member States (France, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, and Slovakia) and 7 other non-EU countries in Europe (Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Iceland, and Bosnia and Herzegovina).


IB Group Czech Republic is the exclusive dealer for the King Long brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For complete information about the bus manufacturer and offered bus/coach models, visit our website



ADITIVUM (5L = 2.231,- CZK)